The Hideout® is a large man in a tiny office building brands with his friends in the center of the universe, Kansas.
The Hideout® once accepted 12 bars of soap as payment for a logo (ie: we're pretty affordable).
The Hideout® is a guy with late-diagnosed ADHD, which he pretends is a super power like flight or invisibility. Do you read comics? I'm really into one called Saga.
The Hideout® has a huge network of talented designers, so if it doesn't work out between us, you'll still have some pretty solid leads.
The Hideout® is an office in the middle of a hayfield where our founder, Titus, learned to drive stick.
The Hideout® is open year-round, but does most of its work in the summer months when owner, Titus, isn't teaching design at Kansas University.
The Hideout®'s name is a registered trademark. It is not for sale. Unless you have a lot of money. In which case, let's talk.
The Hideout® was founded by a self-taught designer who barely graduated college with a Bachelors in History.
The Hideout® website was built entirely from scratch using Figma and Webflow.
The Hideout® becomes a fan of its clients before agreeing to work with them. Working with us is also an endorsement.
This page includes work from friends of The Hideout® — Dalton Satterfield, Stephen Griffin, Ben Sterne, Nathan Holthus and the design crew at TinyWins, to name a few. Each are worth a quick Google. Iron sharpens iron.